Table of Contents

Title Original Publication Details First Line
Massé Harper’s, March 1986 “The truth is it’s not much of a city.”
Where She Was Grand Street “Late in May my father drove us north in a new car, a tan station wagon with green carpet that smelled like rubber.”
Missing Persons The Kenyon Review “Susan sits in the dark corner of the porch on a lawn chair, swinging her legs, making faces at Aileen, the woman who wants to become her stepmother.”
Obscene Callers “That day, the day I’m thinking about, I was sitting at my breakfast table alone.”
Women in the Kingdom Raccoon “Every once in a while they still come by, wearing smiles as stiff as the brims of hats, but I never let them in anymore.”
Wind “That terrible spring, the spring I turned fifteen, was a season of storms in East Tennessee.”


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