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Short Stories

“A Brief Interval of Supernatural Insight,” Out of Stock, Volume 9, October 2017.

“The Dog House Association Rules,” New Flash Fiction Review, Issue 3, Spring 2015.

“The Ledger,” wigleaf [veryshort fiction], December, 2014.

“The Five Different Ways They Died,” SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue 41, 2013.

(Read an interview that accompanied the story.)

“Obscene Callers,” a story from Wind. (Also available in PDF format.)

“Bullhead,” adapted radiophonically by Rachel Yoder.  Story appeared on National Public Radio’s Selected Shorts.


“Chicken,” Blue Earth Review, Issue 20, May 2018.

“Flash Fiction and the Borg: In Praise of the Literary Still Moment,” elsewhere, Issue 1, January 2014.  Reprinted Fiction Southeast, September 2014.

Review of In a Country of Mothers by A.M. Homes, originally published in the Washington Post.


The writing craft web site Great Writers Steal offers this analysis of what writers can learn from “Women in the Kingdom,” a story from Wind.